Hinge sturdiness / stiffness

Hinge definitely moves too easily on my Framework - every time I move around the laptop opens to 180 degrees (flat), its quite annoying.


@Nigel_Ferns - Count me in as interested in a marketplace hinge upgrade.

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Keep that in mind while adjusting the tension nut on the hinges. Of course you can adjust them to fit your liking. Just make sure they take almost the same amount of force to move.

That post is a misunderstanding. The framework hinge is non-adjustable, which as I said for the 4th time, seem to be a engineering oversight.

If your hinge is so loose it will fall flat, contact customer support. Framework have some tight hinges that they send out for replacement.


Hinges on Framework need to be sturdier, for sure. I consider this, along with the trackpad, to be design flaws.

Just to confirm the hinges are fine on my machine and so is the trackpad.

Have to say my hinges are pretty stiff. Only had it a week though…

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Same here, the hinge on my laptop doesn’t move even if I shake the laptop around

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Mine seems to have become looser over time, and now will often fall flat if I have it open past 90 degrees and stand up/move around. Would also appreciate an option for a stiffer hinge.

I’m also interested in a tighter hinge. Would really appreciate the option to purchase it from the marketplace.

+1 to needing a sturdier hinge. Mine also falls down to 180 degrees with just normal usage if it’s sitting anywhere past 100 degrees. I’ve had mine since 9/2021, it does seem to have gotten worse as time goes on, getting to be a real problem within the last month.


Another +2 (2 hinges, right? =) for slightly higher torque hinges.

That’s their response. Kinda sucks, cause I don’t think I should have to pay to fix the fact that screen literally falls on its own, and still waiting on it. Guess that’s what repairable means lol, pay to fix design issues

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Hi. It seems as though your ‘complaint’ wasn’t treated as such i.e. wasn’t checked under warranty.

Further given the previous concern about the lid bending some 1cm a stiffer hinge would only exacerbate that ‘problem’

@Norman_Paulino - if you can send them a video showing the screen opening due to its own weight while stationary on a table, I would be surprised if they did not consider it to be a warranty replacement. Mine wasn’t quite that bad, but it got on my nerves enough that I bought new hinges and replaced them. Now the screen is much more stable. If a stiffer hinge option is ever available, I’ll likely switch to that. These were pretty stiff when new, I’m trying to pay attention to whether they get looser with usage.

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Hi maybe you could comment on this topic, the concern being the flexing of the screen/top, in that with stiffer hinges it would flex more.

Have you noticed

I would also be interested in a stiffer or adjustable hinge. My lid falls completely open over about a 3-5 minute period. It has been getting progressively worse over time. Otherwise I love the unit

Well wait for a response from Frame work other than a solution form them I would try one of many options.

  • Can I take apart the bearing? If so I can modify it by distorting the inner part. OR if not

  • I could drill into the outer part and add a grub screw. In which case the screw would be nylon so as to be replaceable and not wear the inner bearing. Or a SS screw with plastic at the bottom.

  • a small hole to inject a drying oil like boiled linseed.

I can think of other options :slight_smile:

These two threads are highly similar. I suggest cross-linking and read the posts in the other before posting new stuff.

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An updated hinge has been released and can be ordered from here: Framework | Hinge Kit

This post mentions there was a defective run of hinges. If you have one, you can send Framework a video showing the bad hinge performance and get a free replacement.

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