Hinge sturdiness

My one hardware complaint for the laptop is that the hinge is too weak. It wobbles easily, and if it’s too obtuse an angle, it will even tend to fold all the way open (to 180 degrees)

I’m presuming there’s no DIY solution to tighten the springs but throwing it out there just-in-case

The 180 degrees design is to remove the potential of a hinge being stressed. e.g. Think about over opening a display / lid when it’s on a table, it lifts the rest of the laptop body. It’s a mechanically resilient design, aimed at removing user-induced stresses, by giving it a wider range of operating angle. (It’s not so much a usability / viewing angle design).

Regarding ‘tightness’: See Dave2D’s one handed opening comment.

Hi Anil, could you share what angle you’re seeing it drop on it’s own at? In general, the hinge should hold position out to pretty close to 180 degrees.

After a bit of experimenting, this most commonly happens to me when the display is maybe at 115 degrees, and then trying to stand up while holding the laptop. If the laptop pitches forward, then gravity does the rest.

I’ve also had this happen while re-adjusting my position on the couch but perhaps not when on a flat surface.

:thinking: Am I understanding this correctly…?

@RandomUser: lol oops. s/monitor/laptop

Ok, got it, that makes sense. The extra force from the acceleration of picking it up or adjusting position could definitely overcome the hinge adjustment force. We tuned it to balance between keeping one-hand-open working and keeping the hinge stable while in use, all across 20,000 hinge cycles.

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I think the hinge on my brand new laptop is pretty ideally tuned. It stays open in any position at any angle.

However it’s true that if I shake the body the hinge does shift. So it’s just barely holding. I’m a bit concerned that as it ages it will loosen up. The hinge being too loose was one of the most annoying things about the Pixel so this is worrisome.

If it does loosen is it possible to tighten it?