Hinge sturdiness

I’ve also been facing this issue. Are just a few of us experiencing this, or is everyone? Based off of the review videos I’ve seen it doesn’t look like they have a hinge issue (e.g. LTP review video). It is a bummer…

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Generally speaking I have no real issues with the hinge on the Framework laptop. However, I did go ahead and test a laptop scenario and found that, when starting at around 120 degrees tilt on my lap, the display will increasingly tilt backwards if I’m really hammering on the keys. This takes at least a few minutes of “extreme” typing, but eventually it will tilt far enough back that gravity starts to exacerbate the issue.

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@RandomUser I want to know that too, has anyone reading this tried adjusting the hinge tension?

Today I was outside and the wind literally just blew my screen backwards. How do you adjust the hinge tension?

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Agreed, @Framework would you be willing to release a tighter aftermarket hinge on your marketplace.

I’ve had the screen fall down several times during normal use (i.e., picking up the computer from a sitting position and falling from wind outside)


@Nigel_Ferns Nirav has said they would consider doing exactly this:


Thank you for sharing; that would be amazing if they offered an aftermarket.

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Replying to this topic because I think the laptop really needs this. I move my laptop around a lot and the screen always opens to 180 on its own


The hinge opens too easily. Pushing it away (open) takes less force than closing it. So, picking it up results in the lip flopping open almost all the way. Needs to be a tiny bit tighter when pushing it open.

Hinge definitely moves too easily on my Framework - every time I move around the laptop opens to 180 degrees (flat), its quite annoying.

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@Nigel_Ferns - Count me in as interested in a marketplace hinge upgrade.

Keep that in mind while adjusting the tension nut on the hinges. Of course you can adjust them to fit your liking. Just make sure they take almost the same amount of force to move.

That post is a misunderstanding. The framework hinge is non-adjustable, which as I said for the 4th time, seem to be a engineering oversight.

If your hinge is so loose it will fall flat, contact customer support. Framework have some tight hinges that they send out for replacement.


Hinges on Framework need to be sturdier, for sure. I consider this, along with the trackpad, to be design flaws.

Just to confirm the hinges are fine on my machine and so is the trackpad.

Have to say my hinges are pretty stiff. Only had it a week though…

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Same here, the hinge on my laptop doesn’t move even if I shake the laptop around

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Mine seems to have become looser over time, and now will often fall flat if I have it open past 90 degrees and stand up/move around. Would also appreciate an option for a stiffer hinge.

I’m also interested in a tighter hinge. Would really appreciate the option to purchase it from the marketplace.

+1 to needing a sturdier hinge. Mine also falls down to 180 degrees with just normal usage if it’s sitting anywhere past 100 degrees. I’ve had mine since 9/2021, it does seem to have gotten worse as time goes on, getting to be a real problem within the last month.

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