How do I clean the keyboard?

My “h” key (and to a lesser extent one of the arrow keys) is mysteriously not working. I think there’s just something stuck under there, figured I would pop the keyboard off and have a look/give it a shake but removing the keyboard looks like more of a project than I was expecting and I’m not even sure it’s what I want. Do I need to buy a can of compressed air or will removing the keyboard let me get under the keys? Thank you!

Before popping the keyboard, first try pulling the input cover connector and clearing out any dust/debris that may be in the receptacle. I had a similar problem (multiple keys not working) and this fixed it for me.

Nah I can feel something under there. Keyboard is off but I can’t get under the key caps.

You may not have to remove the keyboard–another user here posted about removing keycaps. They’re not designed to be removable though, so be careful:

Ah, yes. Framework laptop have the keyboard separated from the palmrest, even though they are oftentimes sold together.
The traditional scissor mechanism mean you can pop the keycaps off (and in fact probably need to) but you need to be careful and not break the mechanism.
You might have 200 screws securing it, but believe me, it’s better than having to drill rivets.

Framework, separate keyboard scissor mechanisms when?

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