How do I get an invoice/VAT receipt for the UK?

Hi, I am in the UK, we have purchased a couple of frameworks for our company and on the initial purchase (and order history on the website.) it states that VAT is included. However looking at the order confirmation emails thaqt we received, it says Taxes & Duties £0.00

Concerningly, the “commercial invoice” on the received package has the incorrect GBP values and no VAT numbers or information are displayed. Framework support tells me to print the order from the website but this also does not break down the VAT (says it’s included.) and does not include the VAT number.

I need to know if the appropriate taxes have been paid, as I won’t be happy if we receive a tax bill when Framework have told us that it is already included, but support can’t provide me a tax invoice for some bizarre reason.

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My understanding is that there is no provision for business sales so no VAT.

February 15 2022 6:15pm

Framework does not currently offer businesses tax (or VAT) exemptions or tax (or VAT) exemption invoicing as we are focused on consumer sales at this time. Tax authorities have additional requirements and we don’t have the registrations required to legally process tax (or VAT) exemptions. Framework Support will be unable to assist in providing this documentation if asked.

So although you may have bought for a business they are considered personal sales.

Effectively Framework are not VAT registered for the UK they just cover the costs incurred by the couriers who would otherwise have charged import duties etc. which include VAT.

I wonder if you could ask the couriers as they paid the VAT

Not yet supporting business sales.

Volume ordering of Framework Laptops is on our roadmap, and we’re excited for the opportunity to be able to support businesses and organizations.

Thanks @amoun

My confusion lies on my order tracking where it says “VAT Included”

DPD (the courier.) have sent me a copy of the invoice they have for import, and it lists no taxes or import charges, I presume because they have already been paid (assuming by Framework or a partner.) however the invoice values on this are completely wrong for what we paid (showing around £400 more.).

We were in batch 8 though, which I am reading Framework got the commercial invoices wrong so DPD will also have these down wrong.

We have imported lots of items from the US & China and we’ve never had an issue like this before, seems very strange.

Yes my invoice, a Batch 8, was £500 more than I paid and there is topic/post about that.

Regarding other vendors. It does seem strange. It was initially only a US sales where taxes are local, offering to some other countries was done without regard to foreign taxes.

I know of someone who bought the laptop from the UK but via someone in the US. When it was imported from a friend they had to pay VAT via the courier. So the VAT included, now only means the courier shouldn’t hassle the recipient for money.

Here’s topic with a post highlighting the incorrect value.

Hello @Ian123,

The Commercial Invoices are only used for export/import at Customs and should not be used for any other purpose. As far as formal invoicing, @amoun is correct. Our focus is on consumer retail sales at this time and we are not VAT registered in some European countries (including the UK) at this time. If you simply need the amount of your purchase that was VAT, we can absolutely provide that in Support, but we cannot provide formal invoicing with VAT ID included as again, we are still working to obtain VAT registration by country and stand-up our B2B and business sales infrastructure. We’re working on some updates to standard retail receipts to include VAT paid for European countries, but beyond that, we’re going to have to ask for patience while we obtain the proper registrations for each country and build out the necessary infrastructure to support business purchases. Our customers should not be hassled in any way on import as we’ve taken care of all necessary fees. Yes, we had a issue when we initially launched in Europe (Batch 8) as our partner had incorrect values on Commercial Invoices which we corrected quickly.

We thank you for your patience as we’re already moving at a blistering pace for a small company. We’re less than a year into sales of our very first product and we’re dedicated to getting Framework Laptops into as many hands as we can globally.