How do I turn my screen off

OK I give up and Microsoft support can’t seem to solve this for me, they wanted me to reinstall my operating system which I did and it didn’t help (because it’s intended behavior I think!).

Is there ANY WAY to turn my screen off, or even let my screen turn itself off after one minute I guess (although I am not sure why I should have to wait, especially when I have all kinds of menu options for log out and sleep), WITHOUT putting my computer into some kind of standby mode that aborts downloads in the browser.

Thank you everyone/anyone sorry for the capital letters.

I think I might have cracked it by (1) removing the fingerprint from Windows (would like to still be able to use this so I don’t have to type a PIN to log in) [edit: seem to have to remove fingerprints to change Require Log In from “Every time” to “Never” – not sure if this will help] and (2) changing the close lid action to do nothing, which I think still turns the screen off, not sure if it is still cancelling stuff that is happening on the computer despite not going to sleep and not logging me out because I haven’t properly put it to the test (this would be easy to do).

Coming from a Macbook (or actually more recently Chromebooks, I can’t remember how Chromebooks handle it but I’ve been using them for years and I’ve never had to consciously consider this problem) this behavior just seems insane to me, is there any possibility of making the brightness buttons go lower (ideally on this computer but maybe it would have to be on a future model?) because that seems like possibly the most straightforward solution? Then I could just tell Microsoft to never turn the screen off while secretly turning the screen off myself without it knowing. By the way as far as I can tell you can’t actually stop Bing from saving all your browser searches (even Google gives you this option!), you can only stop it from showing them to you, I was actually coming around to Windows a little bit but I don’t know about all of this.

Yes, anytime you close the lid the screen is powered off. The Hall effect sensor is located on the left side of the laptop keyboard near the caps lock.

In case you want:
The power / fingerprint button led brightness is controlled in the BIOS via an update, which if you just got your system is most likely already installed (search: Beta BIOS).

Blank / Turn off screen:
Microsoft support is trash depending on who you get to talk to. They should know this, as it has been around for YEARS.

[How to enable screen savers on Windows 10 | Windows Central](How to enable screen savers on Windows 10 | Windows Central

That will turn off the screen after xx time you set when you are inactive. Tell it to Blank the screen. It has nothing to do with Sleep… so your programs keep running. I use it all the time.

You also can tell the laptop to turn OFF only the screen in the Power settings,