How durable the laptop lid against cats?

My :black_cat: uses a Macbook as her winter heating pad. Will Framework 16 withstand such abuse? :joy_cat:


Just wanted to say that you have the most adorable cat. Please give her lots of pets and kisses.


Probably, especially if you have the newer CNC cover.

My cat liked to sit in the flow of the exhaust vents for the computers.
Sadly, she is long passed away.


As long as the cat stays in good shape… :laughing:


I so feel for you … But that is why I bought a vertical stand.
And because I also have a work-computer, I took a dual stand.

Thing is, I have 2 cats (siblings) and the male is getting pretty heavy! (Strong)
Some picts of them => Cat Gallery


How about getting a heating pad, in order to give your cat a better option than your Framework?


Because the cat decides. The heating pad would have a purpose the cat wouldn’t accept, and the laptop probably emits some odd frequencies the cat loves. Also, when going onto your laptop, the cat will gain your attention.
Whatever we do, we loose, the cat wins :smiley:


I suggest to keep the macbook powered on, then the cat will prolly settle to its usual place. :smile_cat:

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Humans are for furniture and food, not for listening to :joy_cat:


The Macbook is a perfect spot for my cat:

  • It is warm not only from the Mac but also from behind the monitor
  • She can peek at those pesky hoomans
  • She can annoy those pesky hoomans by pretending to munch on the cables
  • She can quickly move to a strategic position in front of the monitors out of there


Wow, those photos are amazing! I envy you. My cat’s black fur :black_cat: makes the camera autofocus go nuts :crazy_face: I never can catch her in the moment long enough to get a good shot :camera_flash:

P.S. It may be a skill issue, but I refuse to admit it! :joy_cat:

Thanks! Such a possibility completely slipped my mind! :exploding_head:
It is something that I will do if it becomes an issue. I plan to buy a laptop shelf/stand and put a heating pad on top and a laptop under it.

My cat likes position behind the monitors (it is warm there), but there is not enough space for a proper bed. :bed:

Framework Laptop, against cat, could either turn CATastrophic or CATmazing, depending on your cat model, weight, tooth length, age, fur thickness, happiness and the protagonist battery level.

I suggest you to get a CATppointement with a veterinarian to have more informations.


I’m going to have to to categorize that one as a bit of a stretch… Unfortunately, the humor in that is not quite up to scratch.


Haha, I tried hard. English is not my mother language, it sounded good to me, but, obviously, not everything can be purr-fect! :smiley:

You also got some good winks to the cat world! :wink:


It seems valuable information as to what specification of cat (eg approximate size, weight and breed) that Framework test the laptops with.


Probably should avoid Maine Coon cats, and any species of larger cats.
Bobcat, Puma/Panther, Leopard, Cheetah, Lions, Tigers.


I wonder if the Framework Team test their hardware against nasty Badgers, too. Better be safe than sorry! (oh, and bears… not mentioning gorilla, its a lost case…).

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No technology is durable compared to abusive cats. Is yours abusive? Are you in an abusive relationship? Would you realize it if you were or has it infected you?

Recommendation: Sell the cat and buy some fish if needed. Or just a picture of fish. In the wise words of my uncle, “we can have as many pets as you want, so long as they don’t poop.”

I think at one point they considered a pet rock and decided against it.

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On a similar note, is it Labrador dog proof? You know, for those times when they helpfully close the lid for you. :slight_smile: