How fast can the battery be charged?

I think I wasn’t using it, come to think of it.

Here is another of the same data, it does require some questioning.
Can’t remember why it dropped to 3W but that is the base draw when not in use but plugged in. I have no drain in hibernating without power etc.

I’ll do another test next time I run the battery down to zero

The main issues are

  • With a completely discharged battery the initial charge rate for a hour is low
  • The is starts vamping up. So it seems the battery has to be around 15% before it’s deemed to be safe to take a 1C charge.
  • After another hour it drops of . . . . so that’s some 65W input over two hours, at some efficiency of maybe 85% giving 55W

Note there are losses in a ) The power unit ~ I am measuring the power unit not the battery b) The battery has inefficiencies too.