How? (History?)

How has framework managed to get so much momentum and achieve so much progress before the product has even been made available for pre-order? In fact, how has Framework managed to achieve any of the things that it has with the design? The Framework Laptop doesn’t seem possible without Framework having incredibly deep pockets and massive scale.

Coming from the Purism community, I’ve gotten somewhat accustomed to a product being announced and made available for pre-order before the design is even finalised or there are any prototypes. I’ve also gotten used to the idea that selling replacement parts on the open market is uneconomical and unfeasible, changing information and the idea that having a design where the display and keyboard are glued is necessary. Even beyond these, the differences between Framework and other organisations with aligned goals are massive on every single level. Issues are always said to be the consequences of the small scale of their operations. From my experiences with StarLabs, System76 and Purism, I gathered that without being a major OEM with massive scale, industry connections and deep pockets, there were some things that just aren’t possible, even after paying a huge price premium.

The struggles that would be involved in delivering the framework laptop with it’s entire set of features and qualities seem to be many orders of magnitude greater than the supposedly unsolvable issues plaguing these other companies. I refuse to believe the (excellent) Framework team are so much better and more capable than the entire collective manpower behind these other organisations that they managed to achieve a string of feats that were deemed literally impossible for any organisation that isn’t a major OEM.

What am I missing here? How is this possible? Industry connections? Angel investor trillionare? Links to a major OEM?


Nirav Patel is ex-facebook, I wouldn’t be surprised if that drew some attention from investors.

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It’s OK to be skeptical. If you look how tech media is covering this project, they have their doubts as well. Repairable electronics go against the entire industry’s business model.

That said, I’m absolutely pre-ordering on day 1.


The secret is that we have a ridiculously capable team! We’ve gone through the trial by fire at Oculus, Sphero, JUUL, and other startups scaling complex products up from zero to high volumes. That means we have the experience, but we also have the connections in the supply base that let us pick great partners to work with.

Our core manufacturing partner is Compal, who are currently the second largest notebook manufacturer in the world, and make most of the notebooks for some well-known US-based PC brands. We also have a competent set of module partners for each of the key modules in the product.

Finally, coming from successful startups also made it easier to get the funding to succeed on a mission and product this large at an early stage.