How to disable orange blinking side lights?

Is there a way to disable the blinking orange lights on the side of the laptop? I’m using Fedora 34 and they are constantly blinking - whether awake or asleep.

@Stephen_Scott the side LEDs blinking red means the keyboard cover is not fully closed. There is a small lever switch in the center of the mainboard near the heatsink that needs to be closed, there should be a small black plastic square under the keyboard that contacts this switch to close it when the cover is installed.


I don’t think mine came with that little black square. There isn’t even any residue to suggest it fell off at some point. How can I get one?

@Stephen_Scott Yep you are missing the spacer for that switch on your keyboard cover.
Can you reach out to and link this thread? We can get you a spacer or new C cover. (I am not sure if we have just the spacer as an individual item in our US warehouse at this moment)

While you are waiting for the part you could tape the switch down if you do not want the side LEDs blinking.
Do you have a prebuilt or DIY edition?


I have the DIY edition. Thanks for the help, I’ll reach out to support.