I just got the transparent keyboard. AMA

If you have any questions about the product or the installation, I would be happy to help.

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Any print on the caps or do you have the legend commited to memory?

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There is nothing printed on them. As someone who is not the greatest of typers, this is a bit difficult, that being said I am doing far better than I thought I would.

Is the backlight blindingly bright? Or do you plan on just keeping it off since there aren’t any key characters to illuminate?

I’m about 1/400th of the way there :stuck_out_tongue: this is on the lowest brightness:

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The backlight is relatively bright and I haven’t decided what to do with it. On the one hand, they look really really cool with the light on. However, it is bright. On the lowest setting, it is reasonable.

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@Jack_Babinski1 thanks for the info! I was thinking perhaps covering the keys with some semi-transparent colored tape like this:
could dim the backlight + modify the coloring.

With the added benefit that the tape could be sharpied with whatever design (like key character/letter reminders) and is also easily removable/replaceable.

I am pretty sure I have some translucent washi tape around somwhere, I’ll see if I can send you a picture of what it looks like.

So I did some experimentation and got some interesting results.

I dont know if I would keep the keyboard like this. The colors do look nice but the texture on top has changed and I would be worried about the sides of the tape peeling up and become annoying. I hope this helps.


My thoughts as well, maybe adding a layer of stronger glue adhesive or starting off with something that already has strong adhesive (like vinyl wraps? dunno) could prevent that.

Actually, that got me thinking. Since the key caps are removable (someone changed to colemak and I wrote a mini-guide), the tape/whatever could possibly be placed underneath/inside the key cap. That would also keep the key-feel.

I’ve got some options to explore for when the layering comes off on my CTRL key/others.

TIL about washi tape – looks pretty cool! And it does help, I appreciate it!!

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I would be careful with removing the keycaps. Before I switched to the transparent I had the stock keyboard and for about a month I experimented with the DVORAK layout. However, in the process of switching the layout back to QWERTY I broke the “J”key stabilizer. So I limped along with a broken J key until I got the transparent. But moral of the story is be careful.

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Ah yeah definitely a concern. I hope to one day see Framework sell individually replaceable keys with a recycling program! Perhaps with Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile switches or similar :slight_smile: