Idea for "touchscreen"

This idea depends on how much space here is available in the bottom of the bezel.
As I don’t have access to it yet, this idea needs some reseach/info.

About 5 years ago, Neonode Airbar was a thing.
With the bar being fairly flat, I got the following idea:

  • Integrate the Airbar tech in the bezel, creating a quick-install “touchscreen” bezel.

Looking at all the photo’s I can find, it seems the display controlboard might be obstructing.
But if there can be enough room for Airbar and display controller after some reshuffling; it would still be a feasible idea to bring a form of touch to the Framework, but needing a new compatible display.

For integration it would connect to the mainboard touchscreen connector, not USB.
For powersaving there could be a (touch sensitive) power switch to toggle the bar on/off.

Neonode currently only does B2B for their tech, still making it able for Framework.

Seems it would need a significant redesigned to work, since it needs to extend some height beyond the screen to be able to see touches. Either a top cover / screen with additional thickness to accommodate it, or the whole laptop redesigned so that it has a recess to sit in when the lid is closed.