Increase and Optimize Linux Laptop Battery Life

I used TLP on my Thinkpads, and hadn’t posted yet because I wanted to make sure it was still a valid option for the Well, of course it is - while TLP does have some extra function for Thinkpads specifically, I think that you’ll like TLPs features for the First, checkout TLP @

On board? Lets go:
sudo dnf install tlp tlp-rdw


systemctl status tlp - to see if its running. You can always make sure with:

tlp start

some usefull commands are:

sudo tlp-stat -s --quick stats
sudo tlp-stat -c --current configuration
sudo tlp-stat --ALL stats
sudo tlp-stat -b --battery info
sudo tlp-stat -t --temperature info
sudo tlp-stat -p --processor data
sudo tlp-stat -w --display warnings

After running tlp start, you can basically forget it - TLP will always monitor your battery in the background, and I’ve had really good success with it over time in the past.

Do you already use TLP? Do you suggest it? If new, what do you think??? Cheers!

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In conjunction with tlp and powertop, I use a program (in Arch Manjaro) called “auto-cpufreq” which (on battery mode) cripples your laptop’s performance in exchange for a few more hours of run time. It works well for my AMD Lenovo ThinkPad E595. Mileage may vary.

tlp + powertop + auto-cpufreq = :sunglasses: :battery:


@henrytr Sweet, dude - I’ll have to look into powertop and auto-cpufreq. Thanks for the suggestions, I thought tlp did it all but I can read the extras your stack has.

Appreciate the tip. I highly suggest some/all of these solutions for anyone using a laptop, let alone the Frame.

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auto-cpufreq is a great find and recommendation! Slowly inching closer to finally setting a weekend aside to set up dual-boot Zorin/Linux. Do note this on the repo’s readme though:

Please note: auto-cpufreq aims to replace TLP and after you install auto-cpufreq it’s recommended to remove TLP. However, if for some reason you still need/want TLP installed and running auto-cpufreq doesn’t conflict and works great in tandem with TLP.


Adnan Hodzic (auto-cpufreq dev) mentioned that it’s a complete replacement for tlp & cpufreq. Caz he merged both of their codebases & automated the cpu governor toggles in the fly.