Infrared camera on Manjaro linux

I’ve been trying to enable facial-recognition login and authenticating on Manjaro Linux with howdy. Everything seems to work smoothly except the fact that I can only use the webcam as my input device.
Under my /dev directory there are two video devices “video0” and “video1”. The “video0” is the webcam on the right side, so I assume the other one should be the infrared camera. However, this camera is never accessible. Howdy returned the error message “Failed to read camera specified in your ‘device_path’, aborting” when I configured the video device to “/dev/video1”.
I’m I missing any drivers to get the IR camera working? Can someone help?

If you are referring to a Framework laptop, then I believe that there is no IR camera, and that they opted for the more secure and reliable fingerprint sensor instead.

I mean the DIY Edition. I thought that was a IR camera?

Nope. The other sensor you see near the camera is an ambient light sensor, for automatic display brightness.

No IR camera.


A facial recognition system with Linux support is much harder, if it supported windows hello it would more than likely not support Linux, fingerprints are much more secure.