Installing win10 issue

Trying to boot into windows 10 setup using a USB created with Microsoft creation tool. After booting with the USB, the windows setup guid pops up where you can select your language… very first one. At that point I cannot click or do anything other hit esc and cancel the install

Did you check your ribbon cable for the trackpad? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to install the Framework drivers until you get Windows 10 installed.

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All that looks good, also I do have batch 3.
I know the keyboard works. As I can navigate the bios. But doesn’t function at the install of windows 10. I’ll redo the thumb drive to see if maybe there was an issue with it

Same thing happened to me the first time I installed Windows 10. You can do the whole setup just using the keyboard. The Tab key will let you select the fields.
Once I got into Windows, the trackpad started to work. Just don’t forget to install the drivers.

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The same thing happened to me, but when installing Windows 11. I had to navigate through the installer using the keyboard only (tab to swap fields, arrows to move around that field, space bar to toggle/un-toggle radio switches, enter to continue). After the install was complete and I logged in, the trackpad started working (albeit not very well). Immediately after installing the driver bundle though, things began working perfectly.

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You guys are awesome. Clicked almost every button, never hit tab.

Worked much appreciated