Insufficient disk space to install Ubuntu

I have booted via a USB flash drive, but when I try to install it says there is only 8.2 gb of disk space and Ubuntu needs 8.6. I have a 500 gb hd installed. I tried removing it and putting it back, no luck. Any ideas? It sounds like it’s trying to install to the flash drive, how do I tell it to stop that?

Hi. You’ve obviously selected the flash USB drive instead of your internal Framework storage drive for the install. Double check.

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It never asked me where to install.

What are the specs of the SSD that you have installed?

Make sure disk partitions have enough allocated for the install and yes make sure you select the correct disk

Make sure the NVMe drive is properly seated in the socket; I wonder if it isn’t and thus not visible to the installer. If you’re in Try Ubuntu mode, open a terminal window and type sudo lsblk. Look for something like /dev/nvme0n1 or something like that. If you don’t see that, it’s not connected.

@Nixingit Yeah, no dev/nvme0n1 anything. It is the SSD I bought from framework. I’ve removed it and replaced it twice already. Not sure what could be wrong with how I’m pushing it in.

@sh4ne WD_BLACK™ SN750 NVM It’s the one I got with the DIY laptop.

:person_shrugging: It should recognize it unless the slot that holds it is not connected properly or the ssd is faulty. That’s really strange.

Is the SSD listed anywhere in the BIOS? I don’t have my laptop yet, but I think there’s a place in the BIOS that should show it. Maybe under Security > Storage Password Setup Page as per BIOS guide

@colinb not that I can determine. but I’ve installed it many times. Either they sent me a bad SSD or ???

If you have another drive lying around try connecting that to the internal socket that’s pretty much the only way to eliminate whether you got a bad drive or not

@nixingit yeah, that’s what I figured. I ordered both another SSD and a USB reader for nvm drives so I can see if the disc is bad or the connector.

I got a new ssd and everything’s fine. I’ll return this one to framework and hopefully get some money back.

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