Intel Arc Availability sucks

I actually already submitted a support ticket for ReBAR support and mentioned it HERE, Changes are slim at best :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, Arc on Framework 11th Gen is unusable, without ReBAR support the performance is about 50% of what it should be (when stuff actually loads) and I get random crashes daily (when docked with Arc) even if I am not using my laptop for anything (I even swapped the Arc with another one just in case the crashing was a hardware issue).

I am forced to put my old GPU back in and very disappointed / frustrated… then again this is exactly what I was willing (worst case) to do for being a “Guinea Pig”


It is not even stable on Desktop too, I used an old system to run games and stuff just because I wanted to test it without screwing my main rig.

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I believe it! I hope Intel is working on the drivers!

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Yea, I got it because of how well the iGPUs were supported on Linux for generations, at the same time supporting the underdog in hopes of more competition.


My patience will be rewarded, I assume after this I will actually be able to use the GPU I paid for in an eGPU box…maybe

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They just removed the experimental flag, meaning we don’t need to use modprobe and now probably has DKMS. The rest is actually the same as 6.0 and 6.1.

Yeah, I don’t really know what that means…

Which is why I said maybe! ReBAR is still absent but if I could just use the bloody thing even with reduced performance that would be an improvement for me.

It just means that the kernel recognises the GPU out of the box without a workaround to probe the device ID of the GPU specifically. Building the Mesa drivers for it on Linux, would be automatic during updating rather than manual of what it is right now.

I would guess now it would boot without installing the drivers manually I think, assuming Framework BIOS works.

It does not. I get display out if I’m in BIOS but the second I boot into Fedora, no picture. It’s recognized using lspci but I can’t otherwise interact with it.

The kernel doesn’t recognise the GPU, thus you need to modprobe the pci device to point it in the right direction during boot. Installing Mesa alone isn’t enough, of course it is complicated by the 32 or 64 bit memory space that the BIOS assigns the GPU to as well as BAR size. Considering the BIOS recognises your GPU, I would think that the BAR size and Abvoe 4G decoding isn’t the issue (at least during my troubleshooting here: GitHub - xCuri0/ReBarUEFI: Resizable BAR for (almost) any UEFI system)

Just wanted to let everyone know about my success!