Intel's 13 Gen P processors announced at CES

(Credit to Tom Warren)

Intel 13th Gen Mobile P processors announced today… Not a whole lot of improvements on paper, just bumping the Frequencies up a little bit… I know that Framework has committed to bringing the latest processors to Framework when they can, but, at the risk of repeating a frequent request, I personally feel this year would be better suited to getting other Processor brands then trying to bring the 13th gen over…


Highly agree. This is a great time to get other CPU/GPU vendors onboard (wordplay intended).


I am waiting for 14th Gen Meteor Lake mobile to come Q3 or Q4 this year over Raptor Lake.

I doubt AMD will come in the near future considering they don’t care for small vendors.


Absolutely agreed, based off of earlier leaks, it seems like the 1350P shows a 5% uplift or so above the 1260P.
Very much not worth the effort of creating a new line of motherboards.
That being said, if it’s just a drop in replacement for Framework as the BGA socket might be identical, then I don’t see the harm either.