Introducing the Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition

A review is here!

Super excited for Coreboot and the new speakers.


Curious. The Framework Chromebook doesn’t have a fingerprint reader? I wonder what the deal there was. Driver incompatibility with the titan chip? I’m sure there is a good reason, but it is a rather unexpected causality in making the Framework laptop a Chromebook.

The complaint about the screen not being a touchscreen is one I think us Frameworkers will see a possible upgrade for in the future. Finger crossed at least. :+1:

I remember a post somewhere saying that the fingerprint reader device or firmware isn’t compatible with the Firmware of the Chromebook version.

I could not agree more! I’m a bit worried now I chose Framework over Tuxedo because I want to support Free and Open Source as well as Repair and Modularity approaches. Should I have been warned by Captcha, Website Scripts and should not promote this product now? I’m not sure, but will watch out…

I found the detailed tech review published today!


Looking at the specs put out by Google of what the Chromebook Plus should be, isn’t the Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition a Chromebook Plus device?

I believe it is and I would start promoting it as such (as I write this on my Framework Chromebook with 64GB of RAM and 256GB of storage)!

I know when I was looking for my next personal machine, I was looking for a Chromebook that could be configured with more memory after purchase and your device fit the bill.

Yep! It’s even mentioned by name on the knowledge base topic.


Awesome! Didn’t see that thanks!.
Promote promote promote!

In addition to being classified to “Chromebook Plus”, according to the Google Support website the Framework Chromebook edition will receive Chrome OS updates until Jun 2032.
See the links below.

  1. The framework chromebook edition will receive ChromeOS updates until
    June 2032.
    Auto Update policy - Chrome Enterprise and Education Help
    [image: 7cb5eb63-b55a-4c50-82f7-da86520437ad.png]

  2. The framework chromebook edition will receive Chromebook Plus updates:
    Chromebook Plus OS update eligibility - Chromebook Help

My impression from looking at the Framework website is that the Chromebook edition is somewhat overlooked and viewed as a second class citizen. No mention is made of Chromebook Plus or the extension of support for Chrome OS; both of these are big issues in the chromebook world.
The biggest advantage, for me, that chromebooks provide is the best online security and simplicity in OS management. I’m not a gamer, & not a software developer. I use my chromebook for access to cloud storage, Google docs, Google sheets, online access to financial institutions, health care websites, online shopping, other online applications. I have even used a very low-powered chromebook to develop a couple videos using the online video service called We Video. Chromebooks are for the 99% of all activities that normal, everyday people need to do. I find the Framework Chromebook interesting simply because its flexibility - In particular, I can expand the memory, add an expansion storage card and replace the battery. With a large, well-made track-pad, I can live without a touch screen, but a touch screen would have been a nice addition.


Will Framework upgrade the CPU for ChromeBook? and offer ChromeBook Plus?