Invoice in package


Will it ship without an invoice in the package or anything else showing the price? I want to order one to ship to someone as a gift so that they do not know how much it cost.

I would be grateful if someone from Framework would reply to this as I am ready to press the button on my order but want to be sure that the price won’t be visible to the consignee.

Good question… let me get back to you after discussing with our logistics team.

Thanks, Nirav. I have been in email contact with Jehan about this as well and he should be getting back to me about it, hopefully this week.

I enjoyed seeing you on Adam Savage’s Youtube video. That was a major factor in my deciding to press the button on placing my order.

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Hi Norman, I have confirmed that your pack list will not have sales price visible. Thanks for your patience while we gathered that info!

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Thanks. I have sent an email to Support.