Irrelevant message in fw16 mailing list

you may want to check more on what you signed up for

This was what I’ve subscribed to:

There were no asterisks so I thought it meant it would be a clean separate list of updates.

Joint the news letter to follow the . . .

doesn’t mean the newsletter is exclusive to the 16"

Newsletters, I don’t subscribe ~ as you have found they are messy

What I meant by this is that FW themselves could simply include this into the shipping in addition to the price. Without the additional shipping companies. I didn’t mean to pay to third parties because it was already told to me to not do it. I meant that FW could set up entities to be able to send stuff into those countries and it doesn’t even mean to send from Taiwan.
I don’t know how.

Aha, so it is not actually about the newsletter but Framework not shipping to your country yet!

It is about the newsletter because I only subscribed to FW16 updates and not something else. The non-supported country is a cherry on top.

How do they know the email subscribers country again?

Then they assume that all subscribers can buy the laptop. So who’s right then: the subscriber or the author of the newsletter? Do you want to pick only one person who is right?

Ok. At least now I know that there is only a general newsletter and not a newsletter per stream of information.

I don’t think email was part of the newsletter at all. Look at the email. It clearly mentions an aborted process for buying a Framework 13. I’m guessing you were signed into a profile and thus had an email entered as part of generating that profile? It was likely auto-generated upon you aborting the process for buying the laptop. The system doesn’t know why you didn’t proceed all it knows is that you didn’t. Framework sends some marketing material to try and recover the sale. No real surprise there. That email has nothing to do with the newsletter I wager.

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I’m in the unsubscribe screen and they literally have this view:

Choose which emails you want to receive from Framework
[x] Newsletter (a few times a month)
[ ] Product launches (a few times a year)

Alright. So I simply want to remove the first checkbox and tick the second one. That’s all I wanted from that newsletter.

Alright. Then this one is on me.
And yes, I’m bummed that I couldn’t buy it.

And I think it’s good that I found that checkbox in the ubsubscribe screen. Maybe it’ll prevent some other emails that I don’t want.

Or maybe I’ll miss the actual info because the second mailing list will be forgotten.

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@Martynas Listen, I’m sorry that the laptop isn’t available to you yet. I’m confident that eventually it will be. At least you guys get access to some stuff we Americans can’t get easily like Fairphone and the like! Hopefully this experience hasn’t turned you off completely and you are still willing to give Framework a chance whenever it becomes available.

First they have to negotiate with the customs and taxes for each country etc.
So they have to set up a business with each country to do that.
Sure you can buy a Framework from anyone willing to sell but you won’t get official support and warranty.

Why would they go out of their way to pay for extra shipping for what, to dig themselves into a hole.

If this conversation doesn’t stop the topic may get locked.

It’s about mailing lists, you can delete all the reference to freight forwarding.


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I think that my country is really small and this may not even happen in any foreseeable future. For instance we don’t have Google Pixel phones but retailers simply import those on their own terms. So probably that would be one more way to import laptops. This way there won’t be a need to do any action from FW and instead somebody would simply buying them in bulk in Germany or somewhere else. But then there would be less or no configurability :frowning:

I don’t think that the FP4 is good value because they removed headphone jack for no reason (the phone is still bulky and additional 0.1mm wouldn’t hurt to accommodate the jack (also sony xperia go had a seal to close the jack). Also Fairphone introduced BT headphones right at the same time). So I went with a different phone that has a jack.
So even if they exist it doesn’t mean it’s good.


@Martynas Personally, at some point in the future, I’m going to pick up a Pinephone Pro. Because Linux. And I want to Linux-ify my life. I use a basic phone right now so if it can do nothing but make calls and recieve texts then it has the same functionality as my current phone, no big deal. And I’m and incorrigible tinkerer. So it appeals to the itch too. Just bought the Pinecil V2 yesterday.

I bought casio w59 today :smiley:
And I use Linux for at least 5 years in a row now. It’s pretty good when you go through the hurdle of making everything work.

Also you don’t need to push yourself too hard into the Linux ecosystem. Just try Linux Mint or something. Or Ubuntu. Don’t go to “arch” and so on from the start because you’ll be overwhelmed by your stuff not working at all and by not understanding how to fix everything (I use Manjaro and it was quite smooth but you still have to know what you’re doing at least a little. So beginner friendly distros are good to start with.).
Also Ctrl+Alt+F1…F12 is very handy when you break your window manager. You can reinstall it or fix your configs.

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You seem to be off topic and off mark.
Framework won’t sell to re-sellers and you would have no support or warranty.

Please stop this discussion it is exactly why your other topic was closed.

Please take note that this discussion is just a repeat of

I changed the title.

It would be nice if it would somehow point into one of the forum threads in the purchase form though. Then you wouldn’t be getting all of these duplicate threads.

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@amoun C’mon man, don’t be that way. I get it, I see duplicate threads too and yes, I respond with a suggestion to search the forum but don’t make personal attacks.


Please do not add “tags” to the title. If you disagree with what’s going on in a thread, please notify the moderators using the flag icon. We would then ask that you please respect our decisions or there will be further consequences.


Just chiming in on this thread as it has gotten a little out of hand.

#1 It’s important to note that discussion of freight forwarding or shipping to unsupported countries is prohibited and will result in topics being shut down. Lithuania is not currently an officially supported country, and trying to propose workarounds to bypass our established systems is not something we will host on our Forums.

#2 If you signed up for the newsletter, you will get the newsletter. There is no country filter that exists in the newsletter group and it is not specific to Framework 16. The messaging just says that if you want to hear more about Framework 16, you can sign up for the newsletter, as we send out information about all of our products.

If this topic becomes toxic, or Community Guidelines are not followed, this topic, as the topic posted before it, will be closed.


I wonder if the newletter is GDPR-compliant. (Specifically, the sign up / opt-in form, clarity on the consent nature, privacy policy…etc)

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Why would they not be? They most probably use a service which does take care of it. And how is that any relevant to the current topic?

As far as I understood the main topics question (why this mail has been sent and if it was connected to the newsletter) has been answered and so has the other topic (shipping to LT).

If we’re still talking about the newsletter in general, I think it would be good to split the topic to keep discussions clean.

I was wondering if the newsletter was compliant with the GDPR regulations. (Specifically, there should be a clear indication of the nature of consent, a full disclosure of the policy of privacy, etc.)

Well welcome but this question was posted two above yours ?? You could have just given that a ‘like’ ??

You can still do that, then delete your post and I can delete mine :slight_smile: