Is it possible to boot into CSM mode?


I’m considering buying the Framework Laptop, but I’d love to know if it’s possible to boot into CSM mode - the Compatibility Support Module mode which mimics the boot process of pre-UEFI BIOSes. (Also known as “legacy boot” in some cases.)

I took a look at the BIOS Guide and couldn’t see an option for it, but I’m also aware that there are apparently options that can’t currently be accessed, and looking through the extracted IFR file (as extracted by following the instructions in that post), I can see that the Boot_Hidden form set contains a Boot Type option which can be set to one of Dual Boot Type, Legacy Boot Type or UEFI Boot Type. This is exactly the option I’m looking for, but of course, it’s in the hidden menus so I wouldn’t be able to get to it easily.

Is there any means of getting to it so that I can enable CSM booting?

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No. The Framework Laptop ships with a Class 3/3+ firmware that does not support CSM.

If you would like to run an operating system from the turn of the millennium (:wink:), virtualization may be a better bet! I know that’s not a particularly satisfying answer, and is not what you asked.


Now, the firmware image does contain at least some of the DXE drivers required for CSM, as well as a couple 16-bit CSM images. Even if you somehow activate it, it may have never been tested. :smile:

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