Is the base model (i5, 16gb ram, etc) good for full stack development?

Hey y’all. I am looking for a laptop to use Ubuntu on so I can take on more personal projects that Windows 11 and WSL2 just does not allow me to do. I use mostly ReactJS/NextJS and GoLang, so I don’t think I need the most intensive computer possible.

However, I just want to see if anyone uses these machines for full-stack development and has had any problems? I’d be using Ubuntu 20.04 or whatever the latest version is. Love the mission of this company (Framework that is)!

I’m a full-stack developer myself, and I’m able to run up to three or four Docker containers, PHPStorm IDE and several Chrome tabs using a Lenovo 120S-14IAP with a Pentium N4200, 8Gb of RAM and a SATA III M.2 disk.
On Linux. And it doesn’t even overheat.
You should be fine, even with the lowest specced DIYFramework.

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@Roberto_Vernina thank you so much for your reply! Gonna pull the trigger and get the laptop