Is there a battery Recycling/takeback program?

While I don’t need this yet, i’m curious if Framework has a plan for taking back consumers old batteries after they buy replacement ones in order to facilitate proper recycling of them (potentially into new, or cheaper refurb) batteries that could serve someone elses framework for another year or more.

Personally id probably even be willing to pay a small amount for framework to take my battery, just for the peace of mind in knowing that my old battery will actually get recycled properly and not just thrown into the dumpsterfire like most other “recycling” probably is

Personally I think too many companies these days make products without putting much if any thought to the end-of-life process for the device. Framework is already setting the bar REALLY high with the focus on repairability

Here in Canada, your laptop batteries can be dropped off at recycling depots or some retail stores in person. e.g. Rona

(Minimize the transportation resources back to Framework…globally)

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thats a good point.

Another idea: maybe framework could certify/validate local recyclers to ensure they are actually recycling (ive heard enough horror stories that at this point i assume most of them liekly just end up dumping their recycling in landfill anyway)

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