Is there an option to disable charging

When I plug my Ipad into the framework it seems to want to start charging however I don’t want the framework to attempt to charge the device because it keeps cutting out and resetting the port. Is there a way to disable the charging capability?

Relevant threads but not too helpful tbh

Best bet would to be purchase a USBC dongle that only allows data and not power, no idea where to find such a thing

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Oddly enough I don’t think it is that the framework is trying to charge the iPad, but rather that the BMC on the iPad is trying to “misuse” the power that the port normally makes available for devices plugged in. When the Framework doesn’t provide enough power the BMC on the iPad is trying to reset it, or perhaps the Framework one is, because the power demands are exceeded that the FW wants to allow.

I don’t really know, as I have never plugged any apple device into either of my FW laptops.

Please note that all of the above is just speculation, possible even poorly derived.

Depending on what you are trying to do, you could use air screen or something like that, or use Itunes wireless syncing as well. Then you don’t have to plug it in at all. (but you would have iTunes on your computer, so not sure about it. Hahahaha, just kidding.)

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I have come to the same view. Software/config solutions are too unreliable and complex to use.

I’ve looked long and hard for this dongle/cable but couldnt find one.

Iirc there currently is none, because the usb c standard is meant to prevent exactly this:
Dont confuse users with cables that dont support the full spec.

So the only solution would be software-side, or a hardware one in the laptop itself.