Issue: When laptop is suspended, pulsing static noise through the bottom air vents

When laptop is suspended / sleep (Windows), there’s static noise coming through the bottom air vents. You can hear it when you put your ears close to the vents.

Anyone else seeing / hearing this?


It very well could be the fan or an audio driver not turned off all the way. Once I get my DIY one up and running I will check it out more for you.

Have you tried the updated driver pack (in Public Beta Public Beta Test: BIOS v3.03 + Driver Bundle 2021_08_31) ?

I was having issues with Realtek driver battery drain in Sleep. This update has fixed it (FYI you DONT need the bios update to do the driver update) I no longer get Realtek messing around in sleep/draining.

I have a newborn so there’s always a sound machine on, so no idea if it was happening on mine before the update.

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On latest Realtek audio driver.

It (the static) sounds electronics related. (This is not from speakers, nor the headphone jack)

Just to complete the infomation in this thread:
@pixelforest has been able to reproduce the issue on his end:

I have experienced this too I think that something is strange with the drives sometimes if i move the my external mouse it will make this sound.