Just out of curiosity, which CPU did everyone buy and why

Pretty much the same here. And maybe in some years you can upgrade for less money the CPU or maybe even switch the mainboard. For the moment and the next years the i5 should be fine. I rather wanted to get an SSD with a higher capacity.

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I got the i5 model. After looking at the benchmarks for both the i5-1135G7 and the i7-1165G7, the difference in performance wasn’t worth the extra 1/3 of the cost to me.

The i5-1135G7 is already very powerful. Since I mostly expect to use my laptop to do side tasks when I’m away from my main desktop computer, it’s actually a pretty good deal. Everything feels snappy and responsive yet it doesn’t get too hot.

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I7 1165G7 and very happy with it. I run Linux and (very occaisionally) Windows in a VM which made it an easier choice.
I was looking for maximum future-proof and like others the 1185 was waaay more expensive for very modest gains and I couldn’t justify it.




  • primarily because I have a dislike of vPro for home use, I would not manage via vPro and would rather not have the increased attack surface via something I do not even use.
  • but also for cost, ~ 400€ more for a vPro that would not get used and 0,10 GHz speed bump felt like a waste of money to me.

Note though that even if the price was the same for 1165 and 1185, I would still have taken the one without vPro

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I got the i5 personally since the cost wasn’t worth the extra .5Ghz Boost clock for me. But a quick question, are the i7s binned? It could be a similar instance to where the 5950X takes less power then the 5900X because it’s binned. So I’m curious to see some power charts.


The reason being that I don’t renew my laptops all that often, so can absorb the price (plus put it against my business) and I did want the slight boost in GPU ability. The 85G7 didn’t offer much over the 65G7 for me. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the Iris GPU compared to old Intel efforts.

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Possibly an underrepresented opinion in this topic: I went with the i7-1185G7 specifically for vPro.

  1. My mainboard could eventually become a home server, and I want KVM/BMC capabilities. There may eventually be a Thunderbolt NIC with vPro passthrough support; barring that, a simple PCIe enclosure may suffice.
  2. It’s fun to have all the silly bells and whistled, and it has proven helpful for doing pre-boot work (mostly capturing screenshots) for my series on the Framework EC. :slight_smile:

i7-1185g7, not for the vPro, but for the silicon binning / energy efficiency (and potentially more headroom for PL2 bursts).

Secondary reason: Might want the vPro in the future (same reason as DHowett).

(Though I do have some minor regret for not getting a mobile workstation for the same price. Little did I know what exactly I was signing up for with the Framework laptop)

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Decided the i5 would work well for me,

  1. I travel a lot for work, power efficiency was they key for me and from most posts here and elsewhere, this seems to be a good choice. USB-C charging was an added bonus for me as it allows for power banks (coming from a MagSafe system).
  2. The performance difference between the i5 and i7 for my use case seemed negligible enough.
  3. I’m moving back from a MacBook to an Intel and Linux setup and this seemed the best way to test this. In case this isn’t enough, I can always upgrade to 12th generation (assuming Framework will continue with the same form factor) or buy an i7 later if the i5 turns out to be not enough. I can convert the i5 to a home server and replace the Raspberry Pi.
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