Kali (debian) Linux and Wifi

Having an issue with Kali and Wifi. Currently on 5.16-7 and notice that I can not get wifi to connect to any wifi using any channel. It will load and attempt to work but always tells me it can not connect. I’ve tried both open and secure networks. I’ve now tried both versions of the framework cards available as well.

Everything else seemed to work after the installation and updates, I haven’t tried a finger reader or webcam yet.

Kali intentionally disables the network, if you’re interested in learning penetration testing then I’d recommend first to understand the basics of Linux by installing another distribution like Debian, Fedora, Arch or openSUSE (Just to name a few), then once you’re comfortable install the specific tools for what you’re interested in learning.

If you click on the button at the top right, it says “wifi network not managed” or sth. like that?
I guess you have a driver issue. You can check that within the terminal by tipping:
sudo dmesg
Then you search the output for sth. like “… iwlwifi 0000:aa:00.0: firmware: failed to load …”