Laptop powering issue

So I’m having an issue with my laptop where yesterday it was working all fine but today when I brought it over to my parents house and plugged in the charger but the laptop won’t turn on and the light between the expansion cards on the right side (opposite side of the headphone jack) is now constantly blinking green. I looked at the not powering on page on the site but nothing from there seems to really indicate what’s wrong. I’ve sent a support email to Framework but does anyone have an idea what’s going on with it?

Could you post a video of the light blinking?

Here’s the link that shows what happens and the blink

If I take out the expansion cards then the blink stops but when I put them back in and try to plug the charger back in or turn the laptop on it starts up again

Is the outlet at your parents that you’re plugged into, different than the one at home? You’re using the same power adapter?

Yes, it’s all the same

Looks like it is power cycling. I would try unplugging the main battery from the mainboard and then applying AC and see if it will turn on. Or See if it will get to the point where the LED on the side is showing charging with a different charger, even a cell phone charger would be sufficient to test.

Sorry, could you just clarify what exactly “applying AC” would mean? I’m not the most well versed about all this and certainly wasn’t expecting an issue like this occurring after just a few days after receiving the laptop. Do you mean just taking out the battery entirely and letting it run on wall power?

Sorry for the confusing instructions.

  1. Unplug the battery from the mainboard.
  2. Plug the charger into the laptop and see if the charging LED comes on.
  3. If it does, plug in the battery (while the charger is attached) and let it charge for a while with the laptop off.

I’m trying to get the battery removed but I’m having a really hard time trying to disconnect it from the motherboard. How easy should it be to slide out the connector from it? Is there a video somewhere that can show to properly disconnect it? It’s taking a bit of force to do so and I’m worried I’m going to end up breaking something if I’m too forceful to it

Take a look at step 6.

I’m sure you’ll know this, but just in case, you don’t need to do any steps after that for the tests suggested. Just disconnect the batter and see what happens – no need to actually remove it.

Just to be clear, is step 6 of the battery guide referring to grabbing the connector by these edges and pulling down? I’m having a really hard time trying to even grab it by here with how small it is

Edit: Finally figured out how to actually disconnect the battery. Charging LED did not light up. I should also note that about a few days after this issue began the blinking green light has stopped entirely and now nothing is lighting up at all. I’m going to assume this is due to whatever power was left in it is now just completely gone

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@Marko_Cvijetinovic did you ever solve this issue?

I seem to be having the same issue, green flashes on boot and a blank screen.

For me, it died while watching a show and I think was plugged in with lots of fan spin so it was under a lot of load.

When I power it on now, after the blinks, the fans spin a lot and it gets hot.

Wondering if you ended up seeing those issue and if you just reached out to support to fix it.

Similar symptom here: