Laptop stays on in sleep

Hi all,

I’m running Arch Linux and am having a problem configuring sleep on my Framework. When mem_sleep is set to s2idle, the laptop appears to stay powered on. The display turns off, but the keyboard backlight remains on if it is already, and the power button light stays solid, rather than going to the blinking mode I see in deep sleep. The battery drain is quite high with this also.

I know sleep should work correctly under s2idle, I’ve booted into various live environments from other distros such as Manjaro and Linux Mint, and both of those have behaved as expected out of the box, so I can’t help feeling like it’s something I’ve not configured properly!

Many thanks in advance!

As I understand it, this is a known bug in the upower package, which also affects the ability of some userland applications and DEs to trigger sleep as well.

I can sleep to deep from the command line but not from kde’s main menu, for example.

I had heard mention of a fixed version being released, but I’m still seeing the issue on a fully up to date Arch derivative also.

I thought I’d come and check back in here as I’ve made some progress towards finding out the issue, at least. It seems this is a kernel issue, as spotted in this thread about Fedora.

I’ve just switched my Arch install to using the LTS kernel (5.15.43) rather than the latest one and s2idle sleep puts the hardware into the low power mode I’m expecting from it. It seems that 5.16 seems to have introduced this but I’m yet to figure out how to solve that. But progress at least!