Laptop will not turn off

My laptop i got in batch 4 last wednesday has been refusing to shut down since I got it and everytime i want to turn it off i have to hold down the button. It didnt turn off when I went and force killed my operating system to check if my os was the cause. And it didnt turn off when i went into the bios and saved and exited and waited for reboot. I also switch from pop os to arch to see if that would fix the issue and it still persists. The only way I have been able to shut down my laptop is by holding the button for an excessively long time. I decided to see if it would eventually turn off on its own and i let it go and it was still on after an hour at which point the fan was fully on and the computer was hot and I didnt want to stress it anymore if i could get help it would be greatly appreciated. Note: my ram and ssd I did not get from framework although i bought the same ssd they had i found for cheaper on amazon however the ram is different. Could this be the problem?

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I was having this issue and assumed it had to do with the dock that I had connected that was definitely preventing the computer from finishing POST at start up.

If you are having this issue with no dock or other things plugged into the laptop, it may be that I am experiencing the same issue but have been erroneously attributing it to the dock since the dock was definitely causing some other boot related bugs.

Does it shutdown by command line? Ex: “shutdown -h now”

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Yes I’ve tried that the screen just goes black and it heats up I emailed support and they suggested updating the bios to the newest version so i need to temporarily install… windows :frowning: if this works I’ll post an update that explains what needs to be done to fix the problem.


I have the same issue as you explained (i have 12th Gen/ BIOS 3.05). at first i thought it might be related to the OS. i was using Linux Mint and i had random freezes. so i decided to test windows 11, but suddenly i got this problme. after installing pure windows 11 without installing further updates or driver i was not able to turn off my laptop. i had to hold down the power button for a long time to turn off my laptop. i changed the OS to ubuntu but the problem still exists. i removed every expansion cards but no luck. It didn’t even turn off when I wnet into BIOS! so im sure its not related to any OS. Im wonder what did you do to solve this problem?

My computer came with a faulty motherboard just talk to framework support they will give you a bunch of standard techniques to fix it and if it isnt fixed they will send a new board.

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Thanks, I think my problem is the same (faulty mainboard)

As this problem (not turn off unless hold power button) seems to happen for several customers, I’m very curious to know if there is a common hardware fault/cause to point? Like, is it an inductor or a capacitor that can burn out?
That could also somehow make easier the diagnostic on the customer side, e.g. if they can test the component(s) with standard electronic testers!

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