Laptop won't turn on with battery connected

I am having the same problem. Previously, the same pattern of battery fully discharged during suspense/sleep in Linux. Motherboard reset brought it back alive.

This time, it was actually full shutdown yet battery drained completely in a few days. Motherboard reset (CMOS cell out, battery disconnect, wait, etc) did not help. Completely unresponsive.

However, with only the battery disconnected, it would power on and boot up normally, but when it is reconnected, completely cold and unresponsive again.

Tried the trickle charging trick with a 5W phone charger without success.

I am on BIOS 3.06.

Contacted support but unsure what else to do apart from treating this as a plugged-in desktop.

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if the laptop is working without the battery, it could be an issue with the battery you have or the battery connector on your mainboard. Support should get back to you next week, but for now it seems like you’ll have to stay tethered unfortunately.

Thank you Azure. Reached out to support and the diagnosis is battery replacement and potentially main board replacement too, both out of warranty.

The problem now is that because of work relocations since buying the PC, I am restricted by Framework from buying any parts.

The rationale behind restricting sales of PCs is understandable, but given how readily people get transferred and moved globally, it seems a bit impractical and unreasonable to enforce restriction of parts sales, which ultimately harms the repairable and upgradeable philosophy that founded Framework. The only alternative I have now is to buy an ordinary disposable PC as a replacement until I return, more e-wastes down the road. Exasperated …


I agree that it’s unfortunate, but sadly this isn’t a choice made by Framework, but by the countries that Framework ships to. They can only ship to the countries they have acquired the legal rights to sell in, and that process is not easy. The good news is that Framework has been working from day 1 to expand that number of countries, and they’ve done a good job so far!

Best of luck finding a solution to your current problem, I hope you’re able to find a workable solution, whatever that may be.