Laptop would not charge or turn on

I had an unusual issue that occurred with my Framework laptop.

I have not used my Framework laptop for almost a month. Last night I decided I wanted to charge the battery the format a external drive to use as I want to dual boot with Windows and Linux with the laptop. I connected the power supply and noticed immediately the battery charge light didn’t turn on. So I attempted to turn on the laptop and nothing, not even the power light on the finger print reader/power button came on.

I removed the modules except for 1 and nothing… Tried connecting the adapter directly to the port and nothing. Next I thought it was the battery so I took the keyboard off but also check the connection on it and it was good. Disconnected the battery and reconnected the power and nothing. So I look at the CMOS battery thinking it could have gone bad and I need a replacement but then I saw it said rechargeable. I decided to take the CMOS battery out and waited 10 seconds to take a gamble and see if the CMOS needed to clear.

Put the CMOS battery back in and connected power back and the charge light came back on and I can turn on the laptop but it take a little for POST to kick in but it is working now.

I just found it odd. Could the reason be is because I had it not used it for so long and the CMOS battery needed to be recharged and/or reset by removing it?

Has anyone else experiencing similar issue?

Thank you

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