Linus is now a Framework investor, cool

Linus of Linus Tech Tips has just released a new video in which he discloses that he’s now a private investor in Framework. This is great news! I’m Legally Obligated to Disclose This - Framework investment - YouTube


I just finished watching that… I like how he approached the disclosure and made public promises!


I’ve been waiting for this ever since it was mentioned in the original video. I’m SUPER EXCITED for this partnership and I can not wait to see what comes to fruition.

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Is anybody else here old enough to remember those old Remington (electric razor) commercials where owner Victor Kiam proclaims, “I was so impressed, I bought the company!”

I have no idea why I still remember that thirty years later.

  1. Damn, I feel old.
  2. That’s still a pretty good commercial. It’s straightforward, and he comes across as pretty genuine. To paraphrase Marx, “The key is sincerity - if you can fake that, you’re in!”.

This is so exciting! Even moreso that iFixit was the video sponsor. Linus + Framework + iFixit = THE dream team to shake up disposable electronics trends!


At first I was worried that Linus was revoking his ability to recommend the Framework laptop in his reviews, but him mentioning in ALL his laptop reviews that he has to legally disclose his stake in Framework…might be a great way to discreetly give it publicity LOL


How can I invest in this Company

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The company is not public yet to be able to invest myself right?

I am really hyped for that backpack as well. I just got a medium-sized backpack through my work and it’s not quite the best for the modern day “techie.” small pockets are too big, big pockets are just to small, not enough padding, doesn’t fit my chunky work laptop (I do CAD work) as well as my bag I had all the way through college (which just before COVID hit I had up to 3 textbooks, notebooks, and a 15" laptop “comfortably”), and is just plain uncomfortable to wear when fully loaded.

if anyone is going to do a tech-oriented bag right its going to be LMG. Can’t wait!

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Not gonna lie, my DIY edition and I did the exact same thing the first time I opened it up. Like Linus I also had a barebones I was seating my own components into, so maybe that was related. I think the keyboard ribbon cable shipped partially seated because it hasn’t happened since.

More from the WAN Show. Watch to 1:30:33. And he didn’t even realise Thunderbolt works!