Linux Distro Survey - Framework Laptop 13

KDE Neon.

I’ve added Linux Distros as tags under Framework Laptop 13 - Linux and Framework Laptop 16 - Linux subcategories. Right now, we do not have many threads under these tags but in the future it should help us filter distro specific issues and guides. If you have any threads under these subcategories, you can edit your post and add the correct distro for your topic if you want to help. Thank you!!


Linuxers are far more inquisitive and tinkering. Hey, being able to do that is part of the appeal for many of us. No surprise here, and no indication that Linux runs less good than the competition (if you can ignore that itch, that is… :slight_smile:

I’m on openSUSE Tumbleweed (far too little known if you ask me). Don’t want to crosspost; the reasons and experiences are here.

Other: BlendOS but right now It’s not very stable

I just made the switch from windows to Ubuntu 24.04. I’m dual booting for the moment as I’m not as familiar with Linux just yet. If I’m still daily driving Linux in a few months I’ll delete the windows partition.