Linux EC Driver Framework, why haven't you trumpeted this yourself?

If that is sth. that FW wanted to fix, the less intrusive change would be for the BIOS to not overwrite that value whenever it boots, but as long as the EC’s battery backup remained powered (i.e. the EC remembered what was last configured), just leave those settings be.

Technically, the non-volatile BIOS settings should only be needed to restore settings after the EC was completely unpowered (like after removing the battery. both, if the system has the backup battery). Would require much less interactions between different systems. Potentially with a BIOS setting to always force override all settings the EC can persist across reboots (keyboard backlight brightness on FW13 is for example also one of those).

Haha, you got their attention. Framework just tweeted the OP linked article.

They also boosted it on Mastodon pretty much at the same time this thread was created: Framework :fedora: :ubuntu:: "A brand new Framework Laptop EC Driver - now with…" - Fosstodon (link goes to their comment as Mastodon doesn’t show when something was boosted)


i need to get my mastodon server working.

I can imagine it’s not.

Still, I’d love to see a general expose certain BIOS configurations, like this one, on their roadmap. Or at least backlog.

Although I think I’d rather see CoreBoot first, which maybe they’ve already done a lot of that work. Dunno.

Looks like an enhancement is coming our ways

Not sure why you are just re-posting the same article the OP linked to…

Because the mods merged that thread into this one.