Linux GPU Driver for Fedora, manjaro

As per my knowledge the drivers for Intel GPU for 12th Gen processors are provided only for Ubuntu 22.04 (Intel® Arc™ Graphics Driver - Ubuntu*).

Can somebody confirm if somehow its possible to install hardware acceleration on Fedora and Manjaro (with and without Intel drivers)? And how to do it?

Read the material at the link you posted carefully. This does not apply, it is for DGPU’s which the Framework does not have.

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This is correct, marking answered. This would not apply.

@Matt_Hartley Please don’t be in a hurry to mark answers Answered! What is the link to hardware acceleration for Manjaro? Does Intel supports it?

If you want detailed answers…you should ask detailed questions. Hardware acceleration for what? Firefox?

In general information for archlinux should work on Manjaro, that being said some things may be Manjaro specific, in which case search their documentation or follow the guides on the Framework website.

For general suggestions on the laptop with archlinux distros you can also look here Framework Laptop - ArchWiki

Any hardware acceleration on the Framework for browsers will require the use of intel drivers, no way around that.

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