Linux on the Framework Laptop

I hope the Framework laptop’s display having such an oddball resolution motivates people to improve hiDPI support in Linux.

Framework, was Canonical given any pre-production models to help with the integration of Ubuntu?

It is very evident how much Fedora’s team getting a laptop helped that distro.

It would be awesome if Canonical could give us some similar results with Ubuntu.

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@KOSTYANTYN_RUKHLIS have you tried autorandr? I don’t have the framework laptop but I’ve used autorandr a few times with some troublesome display configurations

I really think the windows key should have had the gear that is on the F12 key instead. I was really disappointed having the windows logo on it when I got it.


We need Framework to get the hardware certified by Canonical for 22.04 like the ThinkPads and XPSes are/would be. I’ve gotten a bit spoiled running Ubuntu-certified machines over the last 10 years. I don’t recall the last time hardware did not work as expected. :sweat_smile:

I’m sure it’ll be soon. I’m using Fedora right now and it worked 100% out of box flawless. It wasnt the first distro I went with but I kept running into road blocks so for now I just need a working OS. I’m gonna use my extra 1TB expansion card for experimenting with other distros.

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May I ask why Ubuntu did not get a pre-release hardware? I’m not saying it is a wrong, and that it is bad. Linux runs wonderfully on the hardware and so at this point it is moot. Just curious, because Ubuntu is crucial for MANY Linux distros (Elementary OS, for example).

To give a great update on this, Ubuntu 20.04 runs GREAT on the Framework, and for all those people who would prefer a LTS release instead of a rolling, this will come as welcome news. Thanks to our very own @lightrush there is a salt script you can run after installing 20.04 that will fix any bugs and get the system running like a well oiled machine. Automated post-install setup of Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04 on the Framework
It couldn’t be easier. (Well I suppose it working out of the box would be great, but hopefully 22.04 will see something like that happening.)

I am REALLY impressed with how well Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux distros run on the Framework. Thanks to Windows and its insistence on S0 standby, Linux just handles standby better, IMHO.

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