LVFS 3.07 BIOS availability?


It’s been 28 days or so since 3.07 was announced (eyeballing it on the forums)… any word on where the 3.07 BIOS is in testing, or it’s expected availability on LVFS? I went from 3.02 to 3.06 on LVFS painlessly, and I have no interest in blowing away my bootloaders.


I am also interested in this. I saw you could potentially remove the SSD and not have the bootloader issue but would rather go the LVFS route. My Fedora install is running pretty smoothly so do not really want to mess around with something I don’t have to at the moment. Hopefully the framework team can give us an update!

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We’re working on resolving the issue on EFI boot entries getting cleared before we deploy through LVFS. We are exploring also releasing through LVFS, but in a way where manual running an update is possible rather than enabling updates automatically to avoid someone getting their EFI boot entries cleared unexpectedly.

In the meantime, you can use the manual method with a USB flash drive updater: Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Releases

On Fedora and Ubuntu, this should (based on my recollection) work without EFI boot entries getting cleared.


EOM April and still no LVFS for 3.07? This makes me sad. Especially because I just got battery-drain locked.

just bumping this thread to see if there’s been an update. I’m still running an old BIOS and don’t wanna wipe out my bootloader if the LVFS solution is near.


Any update on this? I really don’t feel like reinstalling my bootloader.

3.09: it supports LVFS (i used it).

3.07: i didn’t have to reinstall any bootloader on my setup. systemd-boot on EFI works fine with the legacy install process so it looks like it’s not an issue everyone has.