Mainboard Availability and Open Source Release

If I could find an N1 I’d snap it up right now. :confused:

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So awesome to see full pinout guides for the mainboard! Excited to see what people are able to do now that they aren’t blindly guessing all this info!


Thank you for continuously working on the mission!


I wonder if I can make a steam deck out of the mainboard.


You won’t know for sure until you try. Keep us posted.

I’m disappoint:

I don’t see any KiCAD files in the repo, much less a perfect BGA DDR4 routing that makes a TI application note blush.


The initial post was pretty specific as to what the github repo contained. I see a pinout document there which goes into great detail on the individual pinouts found on the mainboard. What you seem to have expected was not promised or hinted at.

I’m sorry, didn’t add the /s (it was 3 am). Thought the exaggeration and poor grammar made it obvious.


There is already something in the works by me! More info will come later.


I think they are selling the 11th generation CPU with a discount and when all the mainboards are sold they will start selling the 12th generation mainboard.


Has anyone done any comparison of this mainboard with other Intel 11th gen SBCs? How do the prices look compare to them?

e.g. Asrock’s Nucky day - New SBC with Intel 11th gen CPU - Tech News - Linus Tech Tips

Update: Oooh, they sell it as a NUC right out of the box…
ASRock Industrial NUC BOX-1165G7 Mini-PC Review: An Ultra-Compact Tiger Lake Desktop (

This review is pretty decent:
This Tiny PC Has The Power! Emulation, Gaming, eGPU Support! NUC Box Review - YouTube

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Add two SFP ports on that ASRock SBC, and we have a prime candidate for PFSense/OPNSense.

Looks like ASRock already has 12th gen SBCs out:
ASRock Industrial - NUC

I see on the motherboard a few spots for connectors where no connector is soldered on. I’m curious, will there be any info available on them? Maybe if one of them has USB 2.0 data lines it could be used to solder in a Logitech dongle internally or add other small functionalities in.

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Hi Framework, I just noticed a typo, that the Linux compatibility page - Compatibility - “Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS Community Forum” link refers wrongly to the guide URL Maybe you want to fix it.

Isn’t just that the guide to 20.04 covers 20.04.* and that 20.04.4 is just the last release of 20.04 ?

Seeing other distros forum links on the compatibility table, the links refer the forum thread URLs, not guide URLs. Maybe this link is correct there.

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This is awesome. Thanks

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I noticed that the Linux compatibility page: has an issue when seeing the page on my smartphone (FairPhone 3) and a PC browser (Firefox on Mac) with a narrow width. It seems the issue comes from the page’s interactive design depending on the page width.

The section titles are as follows in the wider page width.

  • Framework Laptop (12th Gen Intel® Core™) Compatibility
  • Framework Laptop (11th Gen Intel® Core™) Compatibility

However, the section titles are as follows on narrow page width. It’s just the same "Check your distro compatibility. " 2 times. Below is the screenshot. It confused me. Maybe it’s better to add “12th Gen” and “11th Gen” for each title, to distinguish both titles.

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I can confirm I’m seeing this as well. Page-width dependent / responsive UI CSS related.