Mainboard Availability and Open Source Release

Hi Framework, I just noticed a typo, that the Linux compatibility page - Compatibility - “Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS Community Forum” link refers wrongly to the guide URL Maybe you want to fix it.

Isn’t just that the guide to 20.04 covers 20.04.* and that 20.04.4 is just the last release of 20.04 ?

Seeing other distros forum links on the compatibility table, the links refer the forum thread URLs, not guide URLs. Maybe this link is correct there.

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This is awesome. Thanks

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I noticed that the Linux compatibility page: has an issue when seeing the page on my smartphone (FairPhone 3) and a PC browser (Firefox on Mac) with a narrow width. It seems the issue comes from the page’s interactive design depending on the page width.

The section titles are as follows in the wider page width.

  • Framework Laptop (12th Gen Intel® Core™) Compatibility
  • Framework Laptop (11th Gen Intel® Core™) Compatibility

However, the section titles are as follows on narrow page width. It’s just the same "Check your distro compatibility. " 2 times. Below is the screenshot. It confused me. Maybe it’s better to add “12th Gen” and “11th Gen” for each title, to distinguish both titles.

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I can confirm I’m seeing this as well. Page-width dependent / responsive UI CSS related.