Marketplace Features

In progress! We want to make sure to get it right.


@nrp Will it come before September 22? (last day of summer) I ask because on the support page, it says “Replacement and upgrade parts will be available for sale on the Framework Marketplace starting in Summer 2021”

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That is still our target. We are able to manually issue orders for replacement parts or additional Expansion Card through the Support form until then.


Oh! That’s less than a week away! I can’t wait to see what other bezel colors might be offered!


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Please don’t block ordering something that isn’t compat, but just give a strong warning. Otherwise you close off some legit use cases (gift buying, partners, SMEs, etc).


I was wondering why September 22nd kept being mentioned… We won’t have it live by then, as we’re working through the last bits of polish, but not long after.


Will the Oversized Ethernet card be ready when the marketplace launches soon? Any estimate?


I’m eagerly awaiting the marketplace, can’t wait to see it! That and I want to buy more expansion cards, lol


Yes we’re all excited to see the marketplace. Any word on some dates?

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@nrp said “this month” in an interview I just watched. He also mentioned $40-$50 for a keyboard (skip to 28:22).

Looking very good so far :slight_smile:


I’m already making a shopping list, such as another USB-A expansion card, HDMI (µ-HDMI, when available), and can’t wait to see what color bezels make it to the marketplace!


“Micro”-HDMI… that’s great!

Is it Still this month?

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Well, it isn’t September anymore. Also not summer anymore.

@nrp: It’s time for an update. I think most of us can deal with a delay if we’d know how long and why.

In my case: it doesn’t really matter since EU shipping isn’t there yet anyway. But I’d still like to know what to expect.


You know what I’d pay good money for? Forget the matte screen or the Thinkpad keyboard for a minute - I would like them, but that’s small potatoes limited to a subset of people who already have a Framework laptop.

No, what I really want - and would spend upwards of $400 for - is a good set of bluetooth earbuds with replaceable batteries.

The closest thing I can find right now are the PQ Earbuds, which frankly looks pretty janky. The few reviews I’ve seen/read indicate the sound quality is awful, and the external batteries are held on by magnets which fall off way too easily.


Can we get an update on the Marketplace please? It’s over a week into October now. I’m okay with having the Marketplace be delayed more, but people would just like to know what’s going on behind the scenes and if there’s a new estimated release timeline.



Definitely came hoping to see a release date for the market place but , I suppose it’s still in the works!

EDIT: I realized there was a thread discussing branded framework clothes and such, else where.

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The Marketplace is out! Great timing too.


@nrp , Just wondering if Marketplace says “Coming soon” for specific items – does it mean it’s not available and customer has to wait until this message is gone? Or it’s just a first live days typo, and items can be ordered immediately? :slight_smile:

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Coming soon means that the item is either sold out or is still in production. In either case, the message appears when there is no inventory and disappears once inventory is available.