Minimum power requirement to keep battery charged while working

I did search the forums but I’m not finding it.

I’m going to replace my laptop with a Framework DIY edition. Can anyone please tell me what’s the minimum spec of power for two cases:-

1/ top-up slow charge overnight–is basic 5V over USB-C enough for slow charging, or does it need the negotiated higher voltage from later USB Power Delivery standards?

2/ To keep it charged while running, does it definitely need the full USB Power Delivery negotiation, meaning I have to carry another adaptor, or is there a shortcut?

(To explain: I sometimes work away from all power for whole days at a time. I keep a chunky LiFePO4 battery in my briefcase. The old laptop needs an average of about 15W at 19V from a buck/boost adaptor to run forever)

Many thanks for any info/suggestions.


Hi and welcome to the forum
Any USB 5V supply will do but USB A V2 is only 0.5A and USB A V3 is only 0.9A so it will be a long night.

The laptop can draw some 65W if that is available

Depend on your use. My i7 1165 uses about 11 watts when browsing ~ I’ve turned of turbo etc. So a 15W charger should keep it alive well enough at my use rate.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

That’s encouraging, as my usage is quite variable.

Some days less than an hour, so a low power charge overnight would top it up.

For big days it looks as though I’ll need to put a new charger in the briefcase–thinking about it, a 24V USB charger made for a truck would do the job.

I was already sold on the Framework concept, looks as though it should be easy to live with too.

Now I just need to decide whether to run Linux in a VM (same as now), or take the chance to go native and run the legacy stuff in a Windoze VM :slight_smile:

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Just (re-)confirmed that 5V 2.4A is enough to charge the laptop while sleeping in s2idle.

There are cheap but effective USB-PD chargers on AliExpress. I have 2x 120VAC and 1x 12-24VDC powered ones that spit out 100w (20V 5A). Least expensive was $18 IIRc, most was like $32 shipped to USA.

Go native Linux (EndeavourOS works awesomely). Winblows in a VM for sure…

I’ve found my Anker Nano II max 20V 30W charger keeps the power holding during light usage/idle. It’s great cos It’s tiny. It’s what I use on the go.

My 16W phone charger was enough to slow the disharge in use but would only charge when switched off.

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Very happy bunny here :slight_smile: Just to confirm, my 13th gen. seldom goes over 10W (according to a USB-C power meter) when I use it in ‘Balanced’ mode from the genuine FW charger (EU charger was available when I ordered) with a UK mains cable fitting the C5 ‘Cloverleaf’ on the charger. It stays charged according to what I set in BIOS (85%). Same with a Ugreen Nexode 65W PD GaN charger I keep at work.

It will recharge from almost anything overnight, even if it only pulls a bit less than 5W at 5V when I use the wrong cable (which disables higher power from the PD standard). 10 hours or so is fine under those rare circumstances.

To be explicit, using the wrong cable can prevent any charger from fast charging. I was surprised how many of my cables are “the wrong cable” :slight_smile: