Monitor connected by dock going to sleep even after disabling monitor sleep

I use my 12th gen laptop (Windows 11) with a Cadigit TS3 and with the short 2.6ft 40gbps cable, it works perfectly fine.

At home, I got an Anker Thunderbolt 4 dock. It also works with a 2.6ft cable, but the monitor keeps going blank (but not to sleep) after roughly 4 mins.

This happens whether the framework display is enabled or not. Initially my power plan was set to turn the display off after 4 mins if on battery. So I changed it to 30 mins to test if that was what was causing the issue. Even after that, the display goes blank for 10 seconds and then into sleep mode. I have to either power cycle to dock or disconnect/reconnect the cable.

All connected peripherals on the dock keep working however. Network, sound, keyboard and mouse, etc.

Any hints as to what could be causing this issue?