Monitors through doc stopped working

I received my framework in October. Soon after I connected it to a Dell USB3.0 dock D3100, keyboard, numeric key pad, mouse, 2 monitors (HDMI plugs). Everything worked until this morning.

The external monitors did not receive signal. I opened the display settings, selected the “detect” button but no external monitors were detected.

I plugged one of the monitor cables into my one HDMI card and the monitor was detected.

My wife has a Dell USB3.0 dock D3100 also, purchased within a few weeks from each other. I switched docks but still does not detect either external monitor so it seems as if it is not a faulty dock.

I powered off both the Framework, the dock, both monitors. I re-loaded the dock driver from Dell, it said the driver was up to date.

What would cause this change?

I am not an experienced computer fixer, just a user, so my apologies if this is a simple problem.

Is this an indication that the video processing is malfunctioning? Do I recall correctly that the video processing is built into the mother board and not a separate component?

Or what else could cause this behavior?