Multi port expansion cards?

Are two usb-c ports possible on one expansion card? Or maybe 1 usb-a plus 1 usb-c on one card? It looks so weird to see a mile of wasted space between two cards that each only have one usb port (usb-a or usb-c).

You might want to take a look at this thread: Dual USB-C Expansion Card

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Thanks! My biggest concern is port placement. At home I have a tiny table to work on. I really mean tiny where the table is barely wider than my tenkeyless keyboard. So, port placement is super important to me. I need to have the usb-c power input, usb-a (for my external hdd) and video out all to be on the left side of the FW13 otherwise they’d get in the way of my mousing if any of these were on the right side of the laptop.

An expansion card with 2 usb-c (I’d use a usb-a to usb-c adapter for my hdd) or a card with 1 usb-c + 1 usb-a would make my life way easier.