My experience: Complaints about battery, speakers, hinges, and CAMM

I’ve been using my framework laptop for a bit over 6 months now, and I really like most of the experience. I definitely think that this is really close to being good, but there are a few immediate issues I have.

  1. Battery life

I definitely think that the battery life could use some love… a lot of the time my framework would run out of battery in only 5 hours of usage. I use Linux, and sometimes when most of the session is in a terminal, then it is close to the advertised 9 hours. I don’t really know exactly if this is linked to the next point of annoyance, but I’ve read that it could be:

  1. Speakers

I think speakers can hit 2 birds with 1 stone. Generally I see some complaints about them here, and I think one easy way to make things better is to move them up by the keyboard. Not add some speakers modules to be put next to the keyboard, which is nice, but I think just moving them to the top is just the best option. Everyone wants them on the top, and having them at the bottom only makes things worse for things. As I said earlier I’m not sure if this could help with having a higher battery life, but I heard that moving them to the top allows you to put larger batteries as well.

Slight unrelated annoyance: the hinges. I think from what I’ve read this is a common complaint, but I would love nicer hinges. Please!

  1. CAMM

This isn’t really a complaint, but I wonder what you guys think about CAMM? It would be really nice having them, especially since they’re considered to be the next generation of laptop RAM.

You’ve done a great job making some awesome laptops, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

You seem to be repeating previous topics

  • There are a number of topics and posts about battery ‘life’ and of course there is a new 61Wh. The link below gives you the option to be notified when the ‘new’ battery is available
  • Speakers again there are more than a couple of topics on that

Not true I want them on the bottom

  • Hinges. There are alternatives for the standard 3.3Kg i.e 4Kg