My Experience Setting up Fedora on Framework Ryzen

General Comments:

  • RPM version are generally more stable than flatpak.
  • I would try fedora 38 first and then go to fedora 39, since there are more RPM packages supporting it
  • I find xorg experience subpar comparing to Wayland on laptop. Fractional scaling and touchpad gesture are great on wayland, but not properly supported on X11.
  • hardware feature all works with minor tweaking (follow fingerprint guide), including fingerprint, camera, microphone, autobrightness, brightness key, etc.
  • battery life is amazing, and everything is plenty fast (coming from a surface laptop 2, so not really a comparison)

General Quirks:

  • System still logs into Xorg upon boot, I need to log out and relogin to enter wayland, so I will just use suspend instead of shutdown.
  • Gnome Tweak seems to be missing some options, like display days of the week in the top bar; and apply dark theme to legacy apps. Probably because it is beta software
  • Palm rejection is not very great, I find my cursor moves a lot when typing.

Apps Quirks and Fixes:

  • Megasync flatpak package always crushes, at some point or another.
  • Megasync do not have RPM package for Fedora 39, so I downloaded the official RPM for 38, and it works flawlessly. However, it always to check update for fedora 39, which leads to a 404 error. But I avoid updating using the terminal, so it don’t bother me that much.
  • Slack flatpak works great. I just need to enable “fallback to x11” permission for it to not look blurry. It uses wayland session when given that permission.
  • Signal flatpak crashes when send in the ozone wayland cmd argument, or tweak any wayland related permissions (wayland window session, fallback to x11, etc)
  • Signal RMP provided by opensuse do not support fedora 39 (talking about missing dependency, and I am too lazy to track it down). So I have to deal with blurry signal.
  • zoom flatpak works with screen sharing after I give it the “session dbus” permission in flatseal
  • codium works great as RPM (since I need it to access my dev env). Just need to use the ozone wayland commandline arg in the desktop file, and set the window title bar to “custom” instead of native.d
  • mouseless (GitHub - jbensmann/mouseless: A replacement for the mouse in Linux) works flawlessly.
  • Firefox and thunderbird flatpak works flawlessly with env var MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1

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