My Experience with Framework

I am a 76 years old retired person who is trying to learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
I bought the DIY version and got my laptop on the 11 of August. I looked up an You tube video that showed how to put the laptop together and upon arrival with about 6-7 hours before sundown I proceed to assemble my laptop. It seemed simple enough initially and indeed was proud of my old self for getting it assembled. I even got my Microsoft OS to load. It was then that I noticed the Audio and Video/camera were not functioning.
Went back to reading and viewing the you tube video before disassembling and re-assembling the laptop.
From that moment on to summarize, nothing worked.
Over the next month I communicated with Framework support closely and after working with them including replacing relevant parts per their guidance nothing worked. The final solution was that with their agreement I returned the laptop for a full refund.
I was going to write this review about a week ago but I was down with Covid-19.
I am recovered now and hence I am able to write this at the first opportunity I got.
I want to make a special mention to Mr. Jehan Suleman who has been very responsive toward my concerns. He seemed to be on call 24 hours a day since he would answer my emails even outside work hours. Also Mr. Nirav Patel who was similarly diligent.
I have not decided to go the DIY way again or not.
My conclusions,
I think the concept and build seemed great however I may have been on of the unlucky one to get one that did not do what it was built to do.
The support was super. My sadness is that I could not get it to work as planned/designed.


That’s really too bad that it didn’t work for you, but thanks for giving a report of your experiences. Best of luck for the next try, if there is to be one.