My Open Source Framework Powered Handheld

I’ve heard their displays are pretty good, but this one, I am not a fan. It’s not lamainated, requires two usb ports (non compliant usb-c power for the display + micro usb-data for the digitizer). It also heats up quite a bit. I’m way more worried for the displays’ heat than the main boards heat.

My next big attempt at this project is finding a 7 inch 40min edp screen so I can avoid using extra ports, so if you ever find one let me know (:

Hmm, I havent seen any 7 inch, but the elitepad 1000 g2 is 10 inch edp screen with touch, pinout is in my post here: Framework tablet build for Embedded development - #18 by Jakub_Tomes

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@Steven_Bergeron_Meza Hey. This is luz from PCBWay. Also left a message on your thingiverse. Trying to reach out discussing the chance working with you. Is there a way to keep up the conversation:D



I’m excited to see the future revisions through this collab